Application for Registration Personal Info
Personal Information


Please enter personal information in Proper case: Example: John Smith and not JOHN SMITH

(Enter your name, as it appears on the public register, must be the name you use while practicing dental hygiene and in all correspondence with the CDHNS)

Place of Birth
Non Canadian citizens must enclose a copy of your Employment Visa under the Canadian Immigration Act.
Please enter height in meters, example: 1.37 (one meter thirty seven centimeters)
Please enter "None" if no identifying marks
Home Address
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

A "Hands On" CPR course must be completed within 12 months of applying or renewing a licence for a full practising membership;

Previous Dental Hygiene Practice
Other Jurisdictions
** Application for Registration and Application for Reinstatement Only** A letter of standing must be sent directly to the CDHNS from all jurisdiction(s) that you were registered and/or licensed since being registered in Nova Scotia, even if you did not practice dental hygiene within that Province.

Enter Second Jurisdiction (if applicable)

Enter Third Jurisdiction (if applicable)

A letter of good standing sent directly to the CDHNS by the jurisdiction(s) in which you were ever registered and/or licensed is required.
Dental Hygiene Education
An official transcript for your dental hygiene education which indicates proof of graduation must be sent directly to the CDHNS by the institute.

If you graduated from a non-accredited program, you should also submit evidence you have completed a Clinical Competency Assessment.
List your dental hygiene education attended, select "Other" if name not found in the drop down menu.
Additional Post Secondary Education
Additional Post Secondary Education  

Specific Dental Hygiene Practice Education
A certified copy of the certificate of Completion for any specific skill completed as a separate module must be provided.
Anaesthetic Information
Please note: If you wish to be authorized to administer Local (Oral) Anaesthesia, you must complete that specific application form.
Restorative Information
Orthodontics Information
Employment Information
Primary Employer Information
Future Employment Information

You must not begin practice until you have been registered and your licence to practice dental hygiene has been issued. This includes participation in a working interview. If you have arranged future employment as a dental hygienist in Nova Scotia, indicate below under the drop down menu otherwise leave the Primary Employer blank.

Select "Other" from the Primary Employer drop down box if your employer is not listed, you will be prompted later to add the employer's information.
Check employer address for accuracy and to ensure the proper dental office is chosen when there is more than one office with the same name
Do not add your personal contact information under the employer tab. If you are self employed, select Self Employed and leave the contact fields blank.

If you work for a specific Dentist, please enter his/her name

Practice Setting for Primary Employer
Practice Setting for Secondary Employer
Independent Practice

Updating your Login Information
You may create or change your username and password by entering your new username and password below. Your user name must be system unique (each registrant has a unique user name), must be at least 6 characters long and must not begin with a space. Your password should be a minimum of 6 characters long, but longer is better. A good password contains letters, numbers and symbols and does not contain easily guessed words, names or phrases. Avoid using any part of your user name in your password.
Login Information
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